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Arian Dam Agricultural and Veterinary Company


Arian Dam agricultural and veterinary Company is one of the biggest companies in Iran in field of providing veterinary medicines, education, cattle feed and additives and also providing services in field of veterinary and food industry laboratory. Arian Dam Company is dedicated to improving the productivity of farmers by innovating products and services that sustainably increase crop and livestock yields. We are part of a big company called Spad Agricultural & Veterinary Holding with six companies, two factories, four laboratories and one veterinary pharmacy


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Arian Dam Laboratories Collection

This collection consists of four veterinary laboratories, chemical analysis of food and feed (Poultry and cattle), quality control of food microbiology and molecular diagnosis (PCR). Due to the accuracy and reliability of the laboratory results, we attract a large number of academic research and by interpreting and presenting prevention and treatment protocols to veterinarians, cattleman and poultry keepers We will serve as an advisor

Also, other lab activities in the provision of services to health centers affiliated to the University of Medical Sciences, tests are carried out at the level of packaging centers, slaughterhouses, restaurants, sausage factories and dairy factories to identify salmonella, brucella and contaminated meat products

Other features of this collection is existence of expert force to obtain samples from livestock and poultry centers, packing centers and slaughterhouses and send samples to the laboratory with the correct method. This makes it easy to send samples and prevent sampling errors and how to send samples

In order to improve the quality of the laboratory and provide services based on the latest national and international standards, ISO 17025 has been obtained. Also, The laboratory also succeeded in obtaining a license to work with the Veterinary Organization of the Iran, the National organization of Standards and the Food and Drug Administration




Veterinary Specialty Laboratory 

Perform all veterinary experiments in large livestock, poultry, livestock and, etc. Using the most advanced equipment and best materials, along with the interpretation of the results


 Food Analysis Laboratory 

Perform all food analysis experiments with the best materials


Food Quality Control Laboratory 

 Provide all microbiological and chemical testing of food products for packing centers, slaughterhouses, canning factories and complementary and animal feed factories


Laboratory of Molecular Detection / PCR 

Perform all tests related to the isolation of bacterial, viral, abortion and infertility in cattle and sheep and diseases such as ion and lycosis, and, etc. and also detect fish pudding


Formulation and production of animal supplements and animal feed 

Formulated based on the latest scientific and research findings with continuous and direct supervision of the expert team through monitoring, testing, and receiving farm feedback in terms of impact on production, health and fertility. Providing free advisory services, providing the best feed additives for livestock and poultry, also selecting, evaluating and presenting modern, efficient domestic and foreign food additives


Veterinary pharmacy 

Provide the most complete collection of livestock medicines


 Advice and training 

Services of advisers in the field of nourishment, veterinary, management and, etc. Providing of seminars and training sessions, translation and editing of books and scientific pamphlets, Co-operation and support of research projects and student theses




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